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Practice Area

Copañía a la carta

Intellectual And Industrial Property

We provide legal assistance in the management and protection of Intellectual Property Rights (Copyright and Industrial Property Rights), at an administrative level before public offices, as well as in the jurisdictional or judicial part. And other processes within the scope of the electronic commerce,as well as of protección digital de las obras creativas, innovaciones, bases de datos, modelos de negocios, among others.



We have "I.P. Watch", an internal software developed by our office, used to manage and administer the various Intellectual and Industrial Property registries.


Commercial, Corporate And Company Law

Management of national and foreign companies: incorporation of companies, folder or shelf companies, preparation of assemblies, board meetings, minutes, negotiation, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, agreements between shareholders, statutory modifications, legal audits, and Panamanian foreign companies (off shore), all these services provided through our  CLAC-Company A La Carte division.

Porpiedad intelectual e industrial
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Real Estate Law

Real estate management, negotiations, contracts, transfers, judicial and conventional mortgages, purchase, sale and rental of real estate (real estate), various transactions, supervision of surveying work, such as demarcations, mergers and declaration of condominiums.


Administrative And Tax Law

Management and administrative assistance before government entities, such as the General Directorate of Internal Taxes, General Directorate of Customs and the Ministry of Finance, among others, both in Tax and Administrative Litigation Appeals,and in the request for Precautionary Measures.


Law In Mediation And Arbitration

We assist and represent in negotiation and conciliation processes through alternative methods for the resolution of disputes or conflicts (ADR-MASC), before national and foreign mediation and arbitration centers.

  • Conciliation

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Negotiation

  • Transaction

Collection Law

We manage the extrajudicial and judicial recovery of all types of credits, using persuasive and compulsive methods through our COACTIVE division, active collections... but legal!

Cobros activos, pero legales

Telecommunications Law

Telecommunications Law We offer assistance, consultancy and advice on issues related to national and international regulations and conflicts in the matter before the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (INDOTEL), including transactions, concessions and radio, television, telephone and cable licenses.


Litigious Law

We assist and represent in all extrajudicial or jurisdictional contentious processes, whether in court proceedings or administrative, of any nature, criminal, civil, labor, commercial, and special procedures

Competition Law

We assist in the legal legal techniques for the management of the competitive advantages of your business, such as the Commercial or Business Secret (Know How / Savoir Faire), articulating an adequate protection of personal data, and adequate relations with the consumer, to prevent acts of unfair competition.

We have vast experience in drafting confidentiality, exclusivity and non-competition clauses or agreements

Right To Resolve Disputes Over Domain Names

We provide legal assistance, both as plaintiff or respondent, in processes related to disputes over Internet domain names, without the need for judicial litigation, especially before the OMPI Arbitration and Mediation Center, which offers efficient mechanisms in terms of time. and cost to resolve such disputes, under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP).

Right Of The Breeder Of Varieties

We have a special unit for phytosanitary and legal technical assistance in the management of Registries of Plant Varieties and Varieties in the Dominican Republic, before the Office for the Registry of Varieties and Plant Varieties (OREVADO), attached to the Ministry of Agriculture, such such as seeds, vegetables, horticulture, etc.




Details of the services we offer:

  • Preparation of the application.

  • Legal review of the application.

  • Technical review of the form and substance of the application.

  • Claim of “Priority”. Ad hoc address, custodian or representative.

  • Requests database.

  • Tax payment.

  • Follow-up on application publications.

  • Record certificate management.

  • Assistance in oppositions and defenses, as well as cancellations and annulments.

  • Rights assignment contracts, licences, guarantees, etc. General services.


Entertainment LAW

In the same way, we assist them in legal processes related to the digital, audiovisual industry (film-video-short films), music and entertainment in a general sense.


We assist in the preparation of booking contracts, tour licenses, assignments, management, investment, collaboration, digital distribution, etc.

Fashion Law

We assist in the legal management of the entire value chain in the textile and fashion industry (trends, fast fashion, pret a porter and haute couture), especially defending the protection of creative works (photographs, applied art, drawings, crafts, prints, illustrations, pattern trademarks, three-dimensional trademarks, color trademarks, own image, figurative trademarks, position trademarks, digital, artificial and 3D technologies, hashtags, designs, copyright, etc.), and pursuing plagiarism, counterfeits and unauthorized uses of branding.

We make all kinds of contracts such as assignments, licenses, authorizations, collaborations, suppliers, clients, design, business, branding, advertising, marketing, image use, models, photographers, alliances, advertising agencies, investors, stylists, editors, producers, influencers, sponsorship, leasing, destruction, celebrities, workers, directors, designers, machines, etc., and we assist you in judicial or extrajudicial litigious processes.


Our area of ​​practice in the textile and fashion industry converges with Labor, Business, Environmental, Consumer and Electronic Law.

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