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The Firm

About Us

We are pleased to introduce the law firm Pérez & Robles, Intellectual and Industrial Property Technical Office, the first legal technical office specialized in Intellectual and Industrial Property in the Dominican Republic, supported by a body of lawyers with more than 20 years of experience in the professional exercise.


The firm Pérez & Robles, Technical Office of Intellectual and Industrial Property, has important clients, both national and foreign, representing the most varied industrial, commercial and service sectors, to which the legal services indicated on the website are offered. Internet.

Our Philosophy

Our work philosophy is based on youth, but based on recent experience and a modern practice of the profession.

We are a firm that recognizes the following values:

  1. Seriousness and Honesty.

  2. Work and Professionalism.

  3. Skill, Agility and Leadership.

  4. Austerity.


Our lawyers, in their professional practice, have participated in various services and administrative, judicial and extrajudicial procedures in relation to the following entities, namely:

  • Brugal & Co., S. A.

  • Asociación Dominicana de Productores de Ron Inc. (ADOPRON)

  • Vinícola del Norte, S. A.

  • Vinos, S. A.

  • Clínica Corominas

  • CDN2

  • Banco Progreso

  • Banco BHD

  • J. Armando Bermúdez & Co.

  • Gtech Corp.

  • Grupo Manuel Arsenio Ureña

  • Industrias Farmacéuticas Dominicana, Inc. (INFADOMI)

  • Cámara de Diputados de la Republica Dominicana

  • Ministerio de Educación (MINERD), entre otros.

Within the current portfolio of clients of the firm Pérez & Robles, Technical Office of Intellectual and Industrial Property,

we can cite:

  • Loto Real del Cibao, S. A.,

  • Optimo Gas, SRL,

  • Hipermercado La Fuente, S. A.,


  • Crystal Chemical, SRL,

  • UPL, Corp,

  • Manpower Dominicana,

  • Cablenet,

  • Inmuebleca,

  • Consorcio Semillero del Cibao,

  • Transugas,

  • Agroteide,

  • Tapizarte,

  • Constructora Camacho,

  • Friomaster,

  • J. A. García,

  • Trisan Dominicana,

  • Cucertdo, 

  • Innovagro,

  • Asociación Importadores de Productos Agroquímicos (ANIMPA),

  • Distribuidora Coral,

  • Asociación de Comerciantes e Industriales, Inc. (ACIS),

  • Crystal Enterprise,

  • UHY Morsad,

  • Agroesa, SRL,

  • Quiaasa, SRL, entre otras.

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